Visa Service Agency

Tsutsuji International Legal Office

For all foreign residents:

- Is the visa procedure too troublesome?

- Do you want lower costs?

- Are you worried about getting your visa approved?

If so, please leave it to Tsutsuji Office.


We will submit your visa documents to the Immigration Bureau for you.

You won’t need to go to the Immigration Bureau yourself.


Now, a visa extension will only cost you 18,000 yen.

You won’t lose money because you won’t need to take time off work

Peace of mind!!!

Immigration lawyer with know-how will be responsible for assisting you.

If you are denied, you can reapply for free.


Please be assured that the immigration lawyer working with you is a direct link between you and the Immigration Bureau.

We can apply for a visa on your behalf.

For customers that cannot speak Japanese, we ask that you bring someone with you who can translate.

If you cannot bring a translator, we can provide one for which you will be charged separately.

Please apply as soon as possible.

Please call or email us first.

We can also assist with the following situations:

If you have over-stayed, but want special permission because you are married to a Japanese citizen.

If you came to Japan on a Spousal Visa, but have since divorced.

If you did not fully pay proper taxes, and are worried about how it will affect your visa.

If you committed a traffic violation or misdemeanor, and are worried about how it will affect your visa.

Firm Overview:

Company Name: Tsutsuji International Legal Office

Representative: Masayoshi Chigira, Immigration lawyer (Registration Number: 10140104)

Gunma Prefecture Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association Member (Membership Number: 2864)

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Notification (Notification Number () 行 10 Number 73)

Location: 6-12Sense-International-bldg2F ,Honcho2chome, Tatebayashi, Gunma 374-0024

TEL: 0276-55-6855